I had heard the word before, of course. Artistic, intuitive, goddess…

But how could I have known it was another word for me?
— Eden DellaLuna, heroine of Muse Warrior


Book 1 of the Eden DellaLuna series

Raised as a mortal after her mother’s mysterious death, artistic 15-year-old Eden has no idea that she is the Muse Warrior, the last and most powerful heir of the Roman Sun God Apollo and the muse Calliope, until she relocates to Italy with her father and brother Troy. Haunted by recurring nightmares of a firefly and romantic visions of Apollo and Calliope, Eden seeks solace in her art journal, volleyball and new friendship with Bax, the cute guy whose dad heads base security.

But Troy’s sudden disappearance on a school trip leads Eden on a scavenger hunt that uncovers a thousand-year-old family secret: not only is she a Muse (a powerful, mythological source of inspiration for mortals), but she must settle an ancient debt for the gods on Mount Olympus and defeat the evil sorceress Sibyl... or die trying.

With help from fleet-footed Mercury, amateur geocacher Bax, and a handful of Roman Gods, Eden races against time to save her brother. Staying alive is one thing, but can she also stop an all-out war between the Olympians and the King of the Dead?


In Muse Warrior by Erin Shachory, Notebook 19 is the name of main character Eden DellaLuna’s art journal. It’s a gathering place for her sketches, ideas, journaling, and collages. For Erin, it’s a collection of thoughts, research and inspiration for her Eden DellaLuna series.

From author Erin Shachory:

The first book of the Eden DellaLuna series, Muse Warrior dives into the world where history books and Roman mythology overlap in the modern city of Naples, the Sibyl’s lair in Cuma and the tunnels below the volcanic region known as the Campi Flegrei (“fields of fire”).

A former military brat, I spent my senior year in Naples, where I explored the cave of the Sibyl in Cuma, the poet Virgil's tomb and Lago D'Averno, said to be the gateway to the mythological Underworld, or realm of the dead. Since that time, I have been intrigued by the real-life evidence of mythological characters (such as the underground tunnels that connect the Sibyl's temple to the Lago D'Averno). Muse Warrior was born from a desire to delve deeper into the parallel worlds of the Roman gods, mortals and the dead.