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MUSE WARRIOR - Chapter 33

I jolted awake, the hourglass pendant clenched in my hand. Now I knew why the gypsy gave it to me. My hourglass was synchronized with the Sibyl’s.

There was a small handful of sand left. A small handful of time left before time ran out.

Before the Sibyl killed my brother.

If your sister brings the Oracles to me, you may live…If not, you will fulfill your prophecy in death…

Whether I had the Oracles or not, I had to get to Cuma…

MUSE WARRIOR - Chapter 32

An imposing figure in a black robe stood with arms crossed in the Sibyl’s torch-lit cave. A hood obscured his face as he guarded her hourglass with its swift, constant stream of sand. Somewhere in the darkness were the sounds of clanking chains and scuffling feet.

In the very center of the temple, a glass jar hung from the high ceiling on a thick chain.

“It is time!” the Sibyl hissed…

MUSE WARRIOR - Chapter 27

That night, my dreams were a jumble of nightmares.

Troy stood behind a wavering hologram of the words of my destiny, flanked by faceless attackers in black robes.

“Read it or they’ll kill me!” he shouted.