What is Notebook 19?

In Muse Warrior by Erin Shachory, Notebook 19 is the name of main character Eden DellaLuna's art journal. It's a gathering place for her sketches, ideas, journaling, and collages. For Erin, it's a collection of thoughts, research and inspiration for her Eden DellaLuna series.


Muse Warrior, Book 1

As the last heir of the Sun God Apollo and the Muse Calliope, Eden DellaLuna is destined to save Mount Olympus from the clutches of Pluto and the Underworld. Which would be hard enough if she'd been raised by the Gods, but how is she expected to defeat the evil sorceress Sibyl, Pluto's most fervent advocate and Apollo's longtime enemy, when all she's ever known is the mortal world?

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