Erin Shachory

author, creator, modern-day muse

Like her character Eden DellaLuna, Erin was born and raised in Southern California until her family moved overseas when she was a teenager. Another similarity to Eden: Erin's dad was a fire chief for the Navy and she went to a Department of Defense high school in Naples, Italy. (She also lived in Bermuda and Alabama.) 

After college came a career in PR, marketing and advertising. Erin wrote press releases, radio ads, bios, catalog descriptions and travel brochures, but dreamed of writing fiction. When her three daughters (now teenagers) were small, she took some writing classes at UCLA and joined a writing group in the late 2000s. Within the confines of that group, the characters and setting of Muse Warrior emerged.

Outside of her writing life, Erin is active on the board of directors for Lidè, a nonprofit organization that provides an arts-based education to girls in rural Haiti, and volunteers at her kids' school libraries. A passionate traveler, she soothes her lifelong wanderlust between trips by studying Italian, French and Spanish. She lives in the Los Angeles area with her family, goofy yellow lab and cunningly smart orange tabby.

Photo by Christine Rose Elle

Photo by Christine Rose Elle