Erin Shachory

author, creator, modern-day muse


          It’s hard being a muse. You’d think all I had to do was wander around and sprinkle fairy dust on souls struggling to reach their potential. But you’d be wrong.

Erin author pic

          Like Eden DellaLuna, the main character in my Muse Warrior series, my life had a series of twists and turns before now. I always thought I had a little magic in my bones, but I didn’t allow myself to see it or use it. I was a military brat and lived in Southern California, Bermuda, Italy, Alabama… I was the nerdy girl who got straight As and was in the French Club and played volleyball badly and waited for my life to get started. Meanwhile, I wrote feverishly in my journal and wondered how and when I’d become a “real” writer.

          I got a degree in communications/journalism – because that degree was all about writing – and then I worked in public relations, marketing, advertising… Everything but sitting down to write a real novel. Then I had kids and took classes and started a blog… But the only thing I really wanted to do was write. Through another twist, I was invited to join a weekly writers’ group that opened up my creativity and got me writing fiction again.

          Through that group, I came up with the idea for my Muse Warrior series, as well as dozens of other “flash fiction” stories that I’ll share on this site. My intention is to inspire new writers and other creative daydreamers who stumble upon this site. What I’ve learned is that, no matter how old you are or how little you think you know, you have a perspective worth hearing. Dream big, the bigger the better, and then stretch your arms to the sky so the stars won’t have any trouble finding you.

          Other stats about me: I have three girls – I live in Southern California – I’m obsessed with Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola – my office walls are decorated like a collage – I love traveling, especially in Italy – my favorite smell is orange blossom, followed closely by vanilla – I believe in full moons, fairytales, true love and twinkle lights over trampolines.

          Stay a while. Get inspired. Create your own art. Share it with the world.

          xo Erin